Credit: banks are in full conquest

A few weeks before the presidential election, the period is particularly opportune to subscribe a credit or buy back its outstanding loans. Banks are in the process of conquest and reconquest.

When the presidential election worries banking institutions

When the presidential election worries banking institutions

While most bank executives refuse to give in to any alarmism, to draw up contingency plans and favor a wait-and-see approach, it is clear that the time has come to worry in the banking networks worried about the outcome of the presidential election. In recent weeks, political uncertainty has awakened among banks their fears about the instability of the country. As a result, the major French banks have submitted to their boss a series of questions and analyzes.

The results of this battery of questions have shown some nervousness that is reflected in some risk committees. Consequence: the concern of the banking institutions concerning the outcome of the presidential election could impact certain projects of financing, in particular, requests for credits of the less fortunate French people. Concern has also increased since then in foreign banks established in France. These foreign banks are particularly worried about the impact of the French presidential election on the Eurozone. Some are already considering some scenarios in the event of a sudden change in France’s monetary, fiscal and fiscal policy.

Banks are still in the process of conquest

Banks are still in the process of conquest

Although the outcome of the presidential election increasingly worries the banks, observers believe that the latter is in full phase of conquest. The policy of the banking institutions is clear: it is necessary to capture, retain and win back the customers now, before a potential change of the political, social and economic climate. In this configuration, borrowers are new places to negotiate the best financing conditions, despite an upward trend in rates started a few months ago because of the rise of OAT 10 years in France.

For eligible persons, it is possible to claim still at very advantageous interest rates and likewise to negotiate certain clauses or options such as the exemption of prepayment penalties, the transfer of loan, the flexible loan, etc. Real estate loan buyback operations, observers are formal. Banks are also in the process of reconquering customers. To date, they propose unpublished conditions for the purchase of receivables.

However, to be sure to claim the best financing offers in force, it is recommended to apply for a banking intermediary. This makes it possible to play the competition, to heal his borrower profile and to opt for the loan offer best suited to his finances.

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